the Homeroom Holiday Gift Guide

We had a great Thanksgiving this year—we know we’re sure thankful for the almost 200 of you ordered platters for the big day!—but now we’re chugging ahead full-steam towards the holiday season. Our staff put up some lovely decorations at both locations, and we’re excited to present for you here, for the first time ever, the

Homeroom Holiday Gift Guide!


That’s right. We’ve put together eight gift packs, all with carefully curated contents, for just about everyone you know. Got a friend who drags you to both the Jack London and Temescal Farmer’s Markets every Sunday, rain or shine? Check. Is your dad totally obsessed with Oakland? Yep, got it. We’ll have these gifts wrapped and ready at Homeroom To-Go starting this week, and they’ll be available through New Year’s. Come in, eat mac+cheese, and leave with perfect presents for everyone on your list…that’s our idea of multitasking.

Keep scrolling for pictures and details, and don’t forget to share this post, as a subtle hint to your fellow gift-giving friends and family. After all, nothing’s better than ho-ho-homeroom for the holidays!


For Everyone On Your List ($30)

for everyone on your list

This first one’s perfect for just about everyone on your list: college student, grandma, next-door neighbor—anyone who’s been good this year! It includes a signed copy of the Homeroom Mac+Cheese Cookbook and a $15 Homeroom giftcard; they can find their favorite mac at the restaurant, and then re-create it at home!

For Man and His Best Friend* ($35)

for man and his best friend

We’ve all got that buddy who totes their pup around anywhere they go, so you might as well give them what they’ve always wanted: matching tees! Both are 100% cotton, made in LA and hand-screened right here in Oakland! Humans get white shirts with green sleeves; Fido gets sleek black-and-white.
*Or woman, and hers!

For the Foodie Who Hates Being Called A Foodie ($27/$30)

for the foodie who hates being called a foodie

Up their kitchen game with a signed Homeroom Mac+Cheese Cookbook, filled with recipes for everyone’s favorite mac+cheese. We’ve paired it with a bottle of wine or beer: choose from the Perfum Muscat, Honoro Vera Grenache, or Buzzerkeley Sparkling Ale—all huge crowd-pleasers, and well-loved by our staff and guests alike.

For the Friend Who Douses Everything In Tapatío ($23)

for the friend who douses everything in tapatío

Upgrade their pantry with two of our best-loved hot sauces: Punch Drunk, made with cocoa and ghost chilies, and cult fave Secret Aardvark. We’ll include a $10 gift card, for the mac that they’ll drench in their new favorite condiment.

For the Fashionista ($28)

for the fashionista

Impress the stylish ones on your list with the hippest gift there is: a hand-screened red-sleeved baseball tee and matching canvas tote. Bonus points if they’re eco-conscious: the shirts are sewn and hand-screened right here in CA, and the totes are 100% natural cotton.

For the Hometown Hero ($50)

for the hometown hero

Two best-sellers by four Oakland authors! Homeroom’s Mac+Cheese Cookbook (a signed copy, of course!) will make them a mac+cheese expert; This Is Oakland will boost them from just plain knowledgeable up to pro status. Plus, they’re lovely coffee-table books—great for showing off how much they love their city.

For The New Parents ($40)

for the new parents

You’re covering all your bases here: a tiny tee for their tot, a $10 giftcard for a meal they won’t have to cook or clean up after, and a bottle of our easy-drinking, best-selling Poizin Zinfandel. Because, well, parenting is hard.

For the Sunday-Morning-Farmer’s-Market-Goer ($25)

for the Sunday-morning-farmer's-market-goer

They can start the day off right with a locally-roasted iced coffee in a cheerful red mug, and haul their locally-grown veggies home in a sturdy canvas tote. This gift’s got a 16oz bottle of Jittery John’s coffee concentratethey roast and brew next door in Berkeley, and our staff go crazy for their delicious iced coffee!