• When you work at Homeroom, you're part of something special.

    matt and kate Homeroom is way more than just big bowls of mac and cheese. Want to know what truly sets us apart from most other restaurants? It's our people. The hard-working, passionate, talented people that make up the homeroom family.   When you work at Homeroom, you’re part of something pretty special. You have a voice. You are empowered, and you have a chance to learn, observe and be part of what it takes to run a business.   Our mission is To Be the Best Part of People's Day, and we mean it equally for guests and employees. Join us and see what it's like to work at a truly employee-focused company.   Here’s a look at just a few of the awesome benefits of working @ Homeroom:   Fair Wages and Benefits: Every single person who works at Homeroom earns a high, thrivable, wage, and has the opportunity to grow within the company. Whether you start as a busser or a manager, everyone on our team is compensated at a rate higher than industry standard. And, we offer health care benefits to all full-time staff, and paid sick days.   Get Paid to Learn about Business: Homeroom is an open-book finance business, which means we share important financial metrics with all of our employees. Every week, we hold a meeting called “Recess,” where we teach you about the inner workings of a successful restaurant, and we encourage you to take ownership over a financial metric to help improve the overall business. Recess is also where you get to sample new products and monthly specials, and discuss all important issues facing the business. And, we pay you to attend.   Growth Opportunities: Some of our greatest managers started as hosts, and our most talented servers started as bussers. We love watching the people on our staff learn and grow into whatever positions they aspire to have.   $500 Monthly Employee Fund: Every month, employees at Homeroom get a $500 stipend to spend on fun outings, parties or treats for the entire staff. We have a whole employee committee open to everyone that’s dedicated to figuring out how best to spend this money.   Sound good? Check out our current job openings by clicking on the jobs tab.
  • The Future of Homeroom: Our Vision for 2025

      Homeroom-40 Our full ten-year vision is really long, but for those of you who would like to know some of the basics of where Homeroom is headed, here are the basics. For more details, read the full vision!   Ten years in one sentence: We hope that Homeroom will redefine what it means to be a restaurant company in America by pursuing growth that genuinely enriches local communities and staff.   The details: In ten years, we envision that Homeroom will slowly and steadily add between 2-5 locations guided by the rate at which we believe we can open new restaurants of the highest quality.   Our Food
    • Our mac and cheese will continue to be the best in the country (and the world!).
    • Quality will be improved with scale by special partnerships with cheese-makers.
    • New locations will feature special dishes and drinks that are unique to that restaurant.
    rayna at bar Our People
    • Our collaborative, innovative work culture will be stronger than ever.
    • Homeroom University will provide inspiring, exciting educational opportunities for staff.
    • Staff at all levels will be active on employee-run committees and clubs on myriad topics.
    • Managers can grow from within, and will have an ownership stake in each new restaurant.
    • We will have a diverse staff and leadership team, with a high number of female leaders.
    Our Design
    • Each Homeroom location will reflect its community in its unique design.
    • Homeroom’s inviting, playful, design will set it apart and make each location special.
    • Our innovative design will extend to new products, such as a boxed mac and cheese.
    Our Service
    • Homeroom’s service will truly embody its mission to be the best part of people’s day.
    • We will enrich local communities through our business model and local investment.
    • Homeroom will continue to be a place where people meet to eat, connect, and celebrate.
    • We will have events and volunteer opportunities that contribute to local communities.
    Our Finance
    • Our financial performance will prove that restaurants can be more financially successful by focusing on more than just profits—by enriching employees, opening restaurants with character, having a diverse team, and by contributing to local communities.
    • Our inclusive ownership structure financially benefits our staff and community.
    • Staff embrace open-book management and contributing bottom-line improvements.
    There's lots more where that came from. Click here to read (and download) our entire 2025 Vision
  • Job Openings

    Thank you for your interest! We currently have no open positions, but PLEASE APPLY -- your application will be prioritized when a position opens!

    Send your resume and cover letter to Homeroom Human Resources at hr@homeroom510.com.In your email, please include:

    • The position(s) you are interested in. We hire externally for the following positions:
      • Cashier
      • Host
      • Busser
      • Dishwasher
      • Prep Cook
      • Line Cook
    • Your availability to work each day (we are open 7 days a week at To-Go and Tuesday-Sunday at the Restaurant). Applicants with open availability Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will be prioritized.
    • Why you are a great candidate!
    • Why you want to work at Homeroom, specifically.

    Candidates must be 18+ years of age and eligible to legally work in U.S. We strongly encourage ethnic Minorities, LGBTQIA+, immigrants/refugees, + formerly incarcerated to confidently apply.

    Little Mac LLC, DBA Homeroom, provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment regardless of a person's actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national origin, place of birth, sex, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, weight, or height.

    We look forward to hearing from you -- thank you for applying!