Order any of our 13 mac+cheeses by the platter!

They come in two sizes:
Small (feeds 4-6 people)
Large (feeds 8-10)
They’ll fit in a standard-size chafing dish (two side-by-side), and measure roughly 9x12.

While we don’t offer setup service, you can have your platters delivered* hot and ready to go! Or, you can get them half-baked and finish them off in your home oven.

Please direct questions and inquiries to info@homeroom510.com, or give us a call at (510) 597-0400.

*for orders of $250 or more. Rates range from $75-$125; delivery not available in certain areas. For smaller local orders, place your order through Caviar!

We also have veggie and salad platters (each serves 8-10 people), oreos by the dozen, and whole pies!

125 guests

13 large platters:
4 Gilroy Garlic
3 Jalapeño Popper + bacon
3 Macximus
3 White Cheddar + grilled chicken + breadcrumbs

12 platters:
6 organic mixed greens
4 Brussels sprouts with bacon
2 spicy cauliflower

125 homemade Oreos

Business Lunch
40 attendees

4 large platters:
1 Gilroy Garlic + breadcrumbs
1 Smoky Bacon Mac
1 Mac the Goat
1 Sriracha

4 platters:
2 Brussels sprouts with bacon
2 organic mixed greens

Kids’ Birthday Party
35 children and 15 adults

4 large platters:
3 Classic Mac with peas
1 Gilroy Garlic Mac

4 platters:
2 Minty, buttery peas
2 Broccoli+ranch

52 brownie bites