When you work at Homeroom, you’re part of something special.

Be the best part of people's day!

Our hard-working, passionate, talented people set the Homeroom team apart from other restaurants. When you work with with us, you'll have a voice, be empowered, and get the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a business, while having fun with a team who respects you for who you are every day.

Just a few of the awesome benefits of working @ Homeroom:   

  • Thrivable wages: Everyone who works at Homeroom earns a high standard wage, as well as a share in the company's revenue.

  • Growth Opportunities: We're committed to enabling the people on our team to learn and grow into positions they aspire to have.

  • Be yourself: We celebrate the unique and diverse personalities that make up our team. No scripts, no crappy, uncomfortable uniforms, and no "chainy" attitudes.

  • Learn about business: Homeroom is an open-book finance business. We share our financial information and create development plans with all of our employees.

  • And that delicious free mac: Every day you work, you get a free mac + cheese. Not just any mac. The world's best mac + cheese.

Our mission is to Be the Best Part of People's Day, and we mean it equally for guests and employees. Join us and see what it's like to work at a truly employee-focused company. 

You Don’t Need Permission to Be Yourself