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MAC-o-lanterns and BOOreos

Halloween is nearly upon us! For most of us, that means decorative gourd season. Bats and witches and cobwebs. Jack-o-lanterns. Zombies.

For us here at Homeroom, though, it means costume contests, extra cheesy decorations (pun intended, more to come) and, best of all, our special orange BOOreos! We’ve included all the relevant details for you here, but don’t forget to keep one eye on our Facebook page for important announcements (and your other eye on the kid next door who tends to grab big handfuls of candy from your bowl).

Look into my eyes! My delicious, orange-creme-filled eyes...

Or keep both eyes on this stack of BOOreos.

From tomorrow (10/27) through Sunday, 11/1 at Homeroom To-Go:

TRIPLE-TREAT yo’self (and your favorite ghouls and goblins) with
a delicious three-flavor sampler platter* and a half-dozen orange-creme-filled BOOreos.

If you’d rather skip right to dessert, you can get
BOOreos BY THE DOZEN—and half-dozen—all week long!

Costumeless? Couch-bound? Our friends at Caviar will bring MAC WITH YOUR BOO
right to your doorstep! It’s the perfect combo for a night in with a scary movie:
two macs†, plus two of our special orange BOOreos…popcorn and Poltergeist not included.

Now that's some well-disguised mac and cheese.

Now that’s some well-disguised mac and cheese.

Finally—as if you needed another reason to eat mac+cheese—we’ll be giving away raffle tickets to everyone who comes in costume to either location on Saturday! The prize is a $20 gift card, and we’ll post the winner here in our next post (is it Thanksgiving already?!). Our staff get festive, so it’s sure to be a spooktacularly good time for all!

*choose from the Honor Roll Sampler, the Veggie Sampler, the Meat Sampler, or the Spicy Sampler.
†only available with the Classic Mac, Jalapeño Popper Mac, Macximus, White Cheddar Mac, Gilroy Mac, Sriracha Mac, or Vegan Mac.

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Special, Delivery!

Have you ever had a craving for mac+cheese? Has it ever hit you at an inopportune time—like when you’ve just gotten home after a long day, it’s hot, you’re tired, and you’re already sitting pants-less on the couch?

We know, it’s a hard life. And we’re all about making life easier.

So we’ve partnered with Caviar! That’s right, you can chow down on your favorite macs (see below about our awesome new special!) without even having to leave the house. Log into the app, click a few buttons, and by the time you’ve finally chosen something to watch on Netflix 45 minutes later, you’ve got mac+cheese and a homemade oreo on the table in front of you. Now through the end of the month, you can use the code FREEFOOD to get $10 off (almost a whole mac!), and delivery is only $1.99 if you’re close by.

Now, about that special—it’s that time of year again. The Pesto Mac is great, but it’s summery, and we’d like fall to hurry on up and get here; goodbye heatwave, hello decorative gourd season! We’re bringing in fall with a tangy BBQ Chicken Mac, with smoked cheddar, BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, and zesty red onion, topped with some crispy breadcrumbs and a bit of cilantro (for that extra freshness).

It's even got a halo—that's how heavenly it is.

It’s even got a halo—that’s how heavenly it is.

Just picture it: you’re sitting at Shoreline Park, relaxing on a giant plaid blanket (because fall). There’s a nice breeze, but your pumpkin spice latte (also because fall) is keeping you nice and warm. Your phone dings—it’s Caviar, and they’re around the corner with your BBQ Chicken Mac and side of coleslaw: a perfect pairing.

If that’s not heaven, we don’t know what is. Happy fall, y’all! See you soon.

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