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Celebrate the launch of the cookbook with allison and erin

We can hardly believe it. 19 months after we first signed the contract with ten speed press, our mac + cheese cookbook is finally here!

Arev_Mac n Cheese comp

We are super excited to celebrate with all the people who made this possible – our family, friends, staff and the amazing customers who make homeroom such a special place. We hope everyone will join us on Tuesday, August 20th at homeroom from 7:30 – 9:30, when both of us, Allison and Erin, will be hanging out and signing copies of the book (you can also purchase a copy at the restaurant).


And, we thought it would be cool to make one of our favorite recipes from the book  that has never been on the menu at homeroom – the Dungeness Crab Mac. But because good crabmeat is so expensive and hard to come by, we’ll only have it available for one day – Tuesday the 20th, for both lunch and dinner.

You can also catch us doing signings at the following places:

Sept. 6th  7pm: Rakestraw Books, Danville  Book signing and dinner. $30. details here

Sept. 18th 7:30pm Mrs. Dalloway’s, Berkeley

Sept. 20th 6:30pm Omnivore Books, San Francisco


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A Tale of Two Root Beers

This is a tale of two root beers—Homeroom’s and Wade’s—and why we are sadly having to say good-bye to them both.  When Homeroom opened over two years ago, we decided that we didn’t want to carry other sodas and would try to make our own root beer.


Co-Owner Erin’s husband, Uri, took up the challenge and started playing with all sorts of different herbs, spices, and tinctures.  He came up with a recipe that we loved, and we started making it in small batches in the Homeroom kitchen and carbonating it on site and serving it from the tap. Unfortunately this meant that the final product was a little bit different all the time—sometimes more carbonated, sometimes less– sometimes sweeter, sometimes more spicy.  Most people don’t think of soda this way but when you make each batch by hand, you don’t get the same exact thing every time.  Many people loved this variation, but admittedly, many people did not.

To help solve this problem, and because of his love for root beer, Uri decided to leave his job as a teacher for a year and try to launch a soda company with the Homeroom root beer recipe.  He called it Wade’s (after Erin’s last name), and we started selling it at Homeroom instead of making it ourselves.  Uri also started selling it around town at places like Beer Revolution and Bi-Rite in San Francisco.

Although sales were great, it turns out that the soda biz just wasn’t for Uri.  It also turns out that it’s a lot of work to run a soda company, so we can’t realistically take it over at Homeroom either.  So this week we are sad to announce we officially had to say good-bye to Wade’s and to homemade soda.  We’ll be carrying Boylan’s, which is very delicious, but obviously not the same.   We just wanted to let people know because over the years we have had a very dedicated following to our root beer, so it is definitely with a heavy heart that we pass on the news.

On a happier note, we have gotten a lot of requests over time for things like seltzer water and cola, so now that we are not focused on making our own soda we’ll be carrying those too.  We’ve also invented some new drinks, like our homemade fruit punch that is pretty darn delicious.  See you soon for some mac and an ice cold drink!

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Homeroom’s Summer Syllabus

Hey homeroom fans! Many of you have been anticipating this for a few weeks now, and it’s finally here. After much debating, deliberating, researching and recipe-testing, we’re ready to unveil our new summer menu.

We’ve brought back some old favorites (voted on by you at our anniversary party) and added some tasty new additions that we really think you’re going to love. The full menu is here, but keep reading for a peek of things to look forward to:

Jalapeño Popper Mac with Spinach

- The Macximus is back! Spinach, artichoke hearts, shallots and feta. It’ll remind you of creamy spinach dip, but ten times better. We’ve also brought back the salty, peppery, Cacio y Pepe, and the Jalapeno Popper Mac scored a spot on our permanent menu.

- We expanded our brunch menu! Now, right along side our cheddary omelette, egg sandwich and french toast, you’ll find biscuits covered in a rich mushroom gravy.

- Try out our new homemade soft drink: fruit punch! Guaranteed to be tastier than the red stuff you drank as a kid.

- Grasshopper pie is back. If you’ve had it before, we’re guessing you’re pretty excited to have it again. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce. In a jar.

- Our platters now come in two sizes! Get a small platter to feed a family of 4 or 5, or order a large to feed a party of 6-8. Read more about platters here.

Jacqui is serving up big bowls of mac and cheese

There’s more going on this summer than just a new menu! If you haven’t done it yet, now you can pre-order the homeroom cookbook either online or the next time you’re eating at homeroom (if you order it at the restaurant, we’ll throw in a free brownie). We’ll also be cooking up mac and cheese at the Outsidelands Festival again in August, and we’ll have lots of summer specials that we’ll announce on our facebook page.

Jose, Homeroom's Awesome Kitchen Manager

We hope you enjoy summer at homeroom! And don’t forget to order online, through our mobile app, or on our facebook page to use our convenient and super cool fly-thru lane. Just drive up to the designated spot out front and we’ll bring your food out to your car.

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