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B is for Beer

You know and love homeroom for our big bowls of creamy mac and cheese. But did you ever check out our awesome beer selection?
Because we have a pretty small bar, we can only offer six taps at a time, but that only means we have to put a little extra thought into each beer we choose. We feature local breweries as much as possible because, well, there are some great breweries really close by! In fact, right now all six of our taps are pouring beer that is brewed within 200 miles of Homeroom, and two of those are brewed right here in Oakland.One of our beers, The Lucky Devil Aleister Abbey ale, is from a brewery started by the sister and brother-in-law of one of our servers. Have you met Catalina? She’s been a server at homeroom for over almost two years, and we’re super excited to carry the premier beer from her family’s brewery. We’re also one of the only restaurants who have it, so if you want to give it a try you’ll have to come on out to homeroom (there could be worse things, right? While you’re here try pairing it with our Maxcimus, it’s an awesome combo).
Another thing to look out for is our rotating seasonal tap. We change it every month so that we can continue to bring you new beers to try. Right now we have the Nico Wheat from Shubro’s brewery in San Ramon, CA. Nico is a light, refreshing filtered wheat beer, made with English hops to give it a crisper finish. It’s a great choice on a hot day, and luckily we’ve had plenty of those lately. It’ll only be around for another week, so get here soon!If you want to know more about our beers, or what might be up next on the seasonal tap, follow us on facebook or stop by and talk to one of our bartenders, who’d happily talk about beer all day long.
Ask Lindsey about our new beers!
In the meantime, what beers would you like to see on our taps? Leave a comment below!
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Homeroom To-Go and Sriracha Madness

For the past few months, our lives at Homeroom have been consumed with working on our new project, Homeroom to-go, which will be opening up later this year just a block away from the restaurant. We’re moving all of our take-out there, and we’ll also sell cool things like beer and wine to go, full pies, jars of salad dressing, and other tasty treats. We’ll also have a little condiment corner where you’ll find an awesome selection of hot sauces and other toppings that are delicious on mac and cheese.


Our search special products for Homeroom To-Go led us to SOSU – a Bay Area local and small-batch maker of condiments and hot sauces. They are currently doing a Kickstarter campaign to get their Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sriracha to market. When they contacted us about doing a special event with them around our sriracha mac, we were intrigued. But what really convinced us was after we tasted their sriracha in our mac and cheese. We were blown away, and immediately said yes.

So for ONE NIGHT ONLY, on February 27th from 5:30 til 10, we’ll be making ALL of our sriracha macs with Sosu’s Barrel-Aged Sriracha.  Aged in whiskey barrels and naturally fermented with chilis and a touch of brown sugar, this sriracha is smoky, fiery, and delicious. This is sriracha for all of you who think you don’t like sriracha.


The owner of Sosu, Lisa, will also be at the restaurant to give you samples of her magical sauce.

 For all you sriracha-lovers out there, we thought it would be a fun event to try something new, and a cool way to support a new business whose product we’ll be excited to carry at Homeroom To-Go.

You can contribute to Lisa’s Kickstarter campaign to get a jar to a barrel of the Barrel-Aged Sriracha. Let’s help her find a permanent home and bring to market a delicious product!

Hope to see you on thursday!

– allison + erin

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Crab mac is back for our third anniversary

Three courses for $30 / Feb. 11 – 16 / Brussels with Bacon, Dungeness Crab Mac, Brownie Sundae, beer or wine

We’ve grown up so fast!

Can you believe Homeroom is turning three? We can’t. It seems like yesterday that we were putting up walls, painting, testing recipes, and wondering what this little restaurant of ours will actually turn out to be.

And by only three years old, we are so amazed and so proud of what Homeroom has become. A date spot, a community hub, a birthday destination, a family get-together, a second home for our staff and a family to us. So thank you, to all of our customers, to Oakland, and most of all, to the incredible people who made homeroom what it is today – our staff.

Can you believe that just three years ago Homeroom looked like this? Right under it check out the original sketch of what we thought Homeroom would look like:


And, here’s what we looked like three years ago. Ah, youth. Nothing ages you like babies and restaurants…


Okay, enough reminiscing . . . let’s get to the point. To celebrate our third anniversary, we’ll have a three-course meal for $30, and it’ll include one of our favorite recipes ever: the Dungeness Crab Mac. It’ll also include the following:

A glass of beer or wine

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Dungeness Crab Mac

Brownie Sundae


We’ll have this special for an entire week: from Feb. 11 – Feb. 16. And luckily, our anniversary falls on the same week as Valentine’s day, so you can celebrate with us and impress a date at the same time.

That’s all for now! Thanks again to all of you who have supported us since day one. We love you!

- allison + erin




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