Treat your employees to a delicious lunch, or serve up a tasty, unique dinner for your wedding reception with big platters of
mac+cheese—they're sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 

Need lots of food fast? We've got you covered. Whether you're ordering 24 hours or 24 days in advance, we can feed all of your hungry friends.

Check out our full catering menu here.

Order any of our 13 mac+cheeses by the platter. They come in two sizes:
Small (feeds 4-6 people)
Large (feeds 8-10)

They’ll fit in a standard-size chafing dish (two side-by-side), and measure roughly 9x12.

While we don’t offer setup service, you can have your platters delivered* hot and ready to go! Or, you can get them half-baked and finish them off in your home oven.

Please direct questions and inquiries to, or give us a call at (510) 597-0400.

*for orders of $250 or more. Rates range from $35-$65; delivery not available in certain areas.

We also have veggie and salad platters, oreos by the dozen, and whole pies!

Ready to get started?

125 guests

13 large platters:
4 Gilroy Garlic
3 Jalapeño Popper + bacon
3 Macximus
3 White Cheddar + grilled chicken + breadcrumbs

12 platters:
6 organic mixed greens
4 Brussels sprouts with bacon
2 spicy cauliflower

125 homemade Oreos

Business Lunch
40 attendees
$8.60 per person

4 large platters:
1 Gilroy Garlic + breadcrumbs
1 Smoky Bacon Mac
1 Mac the Goat
1 Sriracha

4 platters:
2 Brussels sprouts with bacon
2 organic mixed greens

Kids’ Birthday Party
35 children and 15 adults
$7 per person

4 large platters:
3 Classic Mac with peas
1 Gilroy Garlic Mac

4 platters:
2 Minty, buttery peas
2 Broccoli+ranch

52 brownie bites