So Much to Celebrate at Homeroom!

We can’t believe it. Somehow, it’s already been two years since Homeroom opened its doors. Two years of making macs, making friends, and turning our little corner in Oakland into a truly special place.

Homeroom, 2 years ago
And two years and thousands of macs later, we’ve turned our expertise into an awesome cookbook from ten speed press that’s going on sale in August – but you can pre-order it now on Amazon! It has all your favorite homeroom recipes, including sides and desserts, plus a ton of new recipes (like patatas bravas mac, shepherd pie mac, four-cheese mac and more). Take a look at the cover:

Pre-Order the Homeroom Mac + Cheese Cookbook!

We’d love for you to celebrate with us! All week long we’re featuring an extra special anniversary mac (that’s also slightly romantic for Valentine’s Day). We’re pretty excited about this mac – it’s decedent, creamy, a little sweet, and very delicious:
Anniversary Mac
Gorgonzola cheese,caramelized pears, sautéed onions and topped with walnuts

Also for our anniversary we’ll be changing up the brunch menu and serving omeletes filled with your choice of add-ins (think bacon, chorizo, broccoli, mushrooms . . .) and garlicky roasted potatoes.
But the best part about having an anniversary is being able to throw a party. We’re calling it our All-Star Anniversary party, and it’ll be on Monday, April 22nd from 6pm – 9pm. Why All-Star? We’re bringing back all the macs that were on previous menus, and letingt partygoers decide which ones deserve a spot on our upcoming spring menu. You know the macs we’re talking about: cacio y pepe, mac and blue, macximus, pesto mac and others that we get asked about all the time.
Allison and Erin at Homeroom's pre-opening party
A $25 ticket to the party gets you all the mac and cheese you can eat, and a chance to vote for your favorites. We’ll be passing around six different macs all night long. Our bar will also be open for business, and we’ll have music, raffles, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Speaking of raffles, if you want to be the first to get a copy of our cookbook, you should come to the party! One of the raffle prizes will be a copy of the book, in your hands before the on sale date.
That’s all for now! We hope to see you this week for a taste of our new anniversary mac, and on April 22nd at our all-star anniversary party.
– allison + erin
ps – If you haven’t already, download the new Homeroom App. You can order and pay for mac and cheese right on your iphone!

4 thoughts on “So Much to Celebrate at Homeroom!

  1. February 12, 2013

    Two questions:

    #1 – will the Little Macs be making appearances at this party? I hear baby cheeks make an excellent side dish!

    #2 – Does the party start strictly at 6, or is it more of an open house type thing? I might not be able to make it until 6:45…but could possibly change plans 😉

    • admin
      February 12, 2013

      Hi Kim! The little macs will probably make an appearance. Nico and Ellie could use a night out :) But more importantly, you can come whenever you want. We’ll be passing around macs all night. Hope to see you there!

      • February 13, 2013

        Excellent :)

        Will buy my tickets as soon as payday arrives!

        Looking forward to seeing you guys!

  2. Tracy
    February 13, 2013

    Excited about the cookbook. Lactose-intolerance leanings be damned, I love my Homeroom mac n cheese (and kitchen adventures)!

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