Winter at Homeroom: Truffle Mac, Sriracha Mac, Platters and Pies!

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder (okay, not really – but it will be soon), and we are unveiling our brand new menu for winter, full of new macs, new sides, new drinks, a new dessert, a new sandwich . . .  a whole slew of tasty new things.

We’re also taking pre-orders for your platters and pies for Thanksgiving. They’re the perfect companion to your holiday turkey!

But first, the menu. We are so extremely excited about this awesome new menu. Check out what’s new:

– A new exchange student – The Sriracha mac! This spicy mac has havarti, ginger butter, sliced scallions and sriracha. It’s seriously delicious – and even better when you add grilled chicken.  YUP, we said it! Grilled chicken is now available to add to any mac.

Smokey Bacon Mac: Just what you want when it’s cold. It’s bold and rich, with smoked cheddar, jack cheese and plenty of bacon. It would also make a perfect platter to pair with turkey for Thanksgiving.

– And last but not least, introducing our Ivy Leaguer: The Truffle Mac! No truffle oil here – our truffle mac has flecks of real back truffles, mixed with creamy gouda, sauteed mushrooms and fresh thyme. So why do we call it the Ivy Leaguer? Well, it’s the most expensive mac on our menu. We try not to price any mac over $10, but when real truffles are involved, it’s pretty near impossible.

We also have a new grilled chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo, butternut squash soup, bread pudding for dessert and a slew of new beers and wines. We even have a new soft drink called key lime pie (citrusy, gingery, refreshing and delicious).

Speaking of soft drinks, we’re now carrying Wade’s Root Beer in bottles! Based on our homemade root beer, Erin’s husband took his recipe and bottled it –and wait until you see his cool new label. You can read more about Uri’s root beer at wadessodas.com.

On to the holidays…

It’s time to pre-order your Thanksgiving platters and pies! Any of our macs can be made into a platter, and each one feeds 10 as a side dish, or 5 as a main couse. They are super easy to heat up – just stick it in the oven for 30 minutes at 400F. Order yours today and pick it up the day before Thanksgiving. Find out more about platters here: homeroom platters

You can also order a whole peanut butter pie for Thanksgiving – creamy, rich and peanut buttery. Give us a call or come on in to place your order.

And in case you’re looking for a cheesy gift this holiday season, order a homeroom gift card online...

Please note our new hours! We are reverting back to winter hours, which means we’ll be closed at 9pm on the weekdays.

That’s all for now. We hope you all make it in soon to try all of our new dishes.

allison + erin