Pies, Platters and Winter Macs

It’s almost here.

That one day of the year, when all you have to do is eat. When everyone sits around a big table with plates full of juicy turkey, salty stuffing, sweet potatoes with marshmallow and loads of gravy to top it off (or if you’re like Allison and Erin, you substutite a big fat pork roast for the turkey. Is that wrong?)

Bryan and Mike show off their new mac creation

As you can probably tell, we are gigantic fans of Thanksgiving–and frankly, of eating in general. Which is why, now that we own a restaurant, we wanted to find a way for homeroom to make Thanksgiving even tastier. So we started playing around with portion sizes, new mac recipes and some new desserts using winter fruits. We came up with some pretty delicious ideas, both for Thanksgiving, and to add to our winter menu. We also may have had too good of a time playing around in the kitchen all day – we all went home in a slight lactose coma from the pounds of cheese we consumed.

Erin, Allison and Megan play around with new ingredients

Anyway, here’s what we’ve got for Thanksgiving: big platters of mac, any mac, to serve as a hot, gooey side dish (and lets be honest, the sides always outshine the turkey anyway). Our platters serve ten as a side, or 5 as a main course. We give a 20% discount on orders of 2 platters or more, so if you have a large family, you’re in luck. You can find out more about our platters on our catering page.

We’re also taking orders for two different pies for Thanksgiving: Our famous peanut butter pie, and our new banana creme pie! Both pies are $24, and you can place a pie order by giving us a call at 510 597 0400. Place your orders early, because there’s a good chance we’ll run out.

Onto our new winter menu…

We are super excited about our new mac and blue, because we’re using what we think is the world’s best blue cheese: Point Reyes Original Blue, and add some cracked black peppercorns and toasted walnuts. We were luckily enough to take a private tour of the beautiful Point Reyes farm before the restaurant opened, and it was pretty eye-opening. After watching the cheesemakers carefully mold great big wheels of fresh cheese, we got to hang out with the happiest-looking cows we’ve ever seen. We left pretty happy too, after the owners of Point Reyes treated us a feast that included samples of all their incredible cheeses.

Next we’ve got a new exchange student called Macximus. As the name implies, it’s a Greek mac. It’s super flavorful, and full of artichoke hearts, spinach, shallots and salty feta cheese. We also have a new veggie – Brussels sprouts! They’re roasted with bacon, and topped off with an apple cider vinaigrette and bacon bits.

And last but not least, a brand new apple crisp. Warm caramelized apples topped with a graham cracker and brown sugar crisp. Holy cow. It’s ridiculously good, especially if you add some ice cream to it.

We hope you’ll come in soon for a taste of our new menu items – or perhaps give us a call to order a pie or a platter for the holidays.

We almost forgot! If you want to try and win a free platter of classic mac, leave a comment below telling us your favorite Thanksgiving side dish. We’ll choose the winning comment Wednesday, November 9th, and announce it on our facebook page. Easy, huh?