why homeroom?

After being told by McDonald’s that we had to change our name from “Little Mac” (see here for the East Bay Express  story), we received over a thousand suggestions from all over the world on what to rename our restaurant-to-be.

We agonized over what words best describe not only a restaurant that specializes all kinds of macaroni and cheese, but a cozy spot to relax and meet friends, eat homemade oreos with milk, or grab a craft beer and sit in the sunshine. We picked the name homeroom because it brought us back to a place in childhood where we used to goof off with friends and share food our parents had made for us. We also loved the double meaning of homeroom which could also be thought of as a room in one’s house—a cozy den or a warm kitchen where you’d sit over a piping bowl of mac and cheese with friends and family. And at the end of the day, we felt bizarrely grateful for the corporate evil of mcdonalds, because we ended up with a name that was really a better fit for our restaurant than the first one we had come up with.

photo credit: chris bersbach

The only thing we didn’t like about the name homeroom is that we thought of it ourselves, and we really wanted to find a way to say thank you to the awesome community of people who spent time brainstorming and sending us their name suggestions. So instead of offering up one prize to the winner, we decided to name ten runners-up—our ten favorite names of the hundreds we received. The winners are listed below, and will win a free meal at the restaurant for four when homeroom opens (if you’re on there, we’ll be contacting you). We also included a highly abridged list of other name suggestions, because frankly, they are sort of hilarious.
In the Nood
Eat = m.cheese2
Mac, Cheese, and Associates (“You have the right to remain satisfied”)
Elbows on the Table
No Whey
Wheat Meets Cow
She Sells Cheese Shells
Runner’s Up:
Mad Macs
Pasta la vista, baby
People’s Republic of Macaroni
Little Elbows, Big Cheese
Lunchladies Cafe
Roux de Mac
MNC (Mac and Cheese)
Cheesie Wonder
Return of the Mac
Yankee Doodle
Elbow Room
Cheesy 4 Sheezy
Mi Pasta, Su Pasta
Mac to the Future
Wheat Meets Cow
Sweet Cheezus
The Scarlet Shredder
Erin and Allison’s World Famous Cheesemagorium
Endless Pastabilities
Brie on the Noodles
Screw McDonalds
Talking Smac
Auntie Erinson’s